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CNC Machining

Experience counts!

Semmler Technologies machines all types of material for all types of projects. We manufacture and machine small to medium size brass, copper, copper alloys, plastic, aluminium, steel and stainless steel components to exact specifications. We can assist with quoting, development, manufacture and assembly of components for clients in a broad range of industries.

Semmler Technologies - CNC MachiningSemmler Technologies - CNC MachiningSupaloc Racing Shock Absorbers

Our specialised CNC Machines include:

  • MAZAK FJV250 UHS Machining Centre 30 Tool Magazine Machining Envelope X 1020mm Y 510mm Z 500mm
  • MAZAK Super Quick Turn 10MS CNC Lathe with C axis, milling, cross drilling and tapping, second spindle auto transfer from main to second spindle, 72 position indexing of second spindle. Fitted with Bartec Rapid Feed 65 Magazine Bar Loader.
  • MAZAK Quick Turn 10 CNC Lathe fitted with Pietro Cucchi Automatic Magazine Bar Loader.

Did you know … Semmler Technologies (formerly Semmler Engineering) was the first South Australian manufacturer to use a MAZAK FJV-250 High Speed Machining centre. This machining centre is capable of cutting at 25000rpm in Aluminium at feed rates of up to 6m/min.