Semmler Engineering


Gauge Savers

  1. Where to Buy
    Semmler Gauge Savers are distributed and sold by specialist industrial and instrument companies throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our resellers are based in the outback, top end, country and city. We can assist in finding a reseller that’s close to you or you are welcome to buy directly from us here at Semmler Technologies. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we also welcome inquiries from companies interested in stocking or using Semmler Gauge Savers for site projects.
  2. How much do Gauge Savers cost?
    Semmler Technologies sells to distributors, resellers and authorized buyers. We do not specify a recommended retail price. To obtain a quote for a special fitting or request a price list please contact us by phone,or email
  3. Are Gauge Savers available ex stock?
    Most standard gauge savers are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. For special orders and non-standard fittings a lead-time may apply. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
  4. Freight and Distribution
    Semmler Technologies sends freight daily via Toll Ipec. We send orders via road or air. You can also nominate your own carrier and charge account number.
  5. Technical Support
    The best way to get support and ask technical questions is to contact us by phone or email For fitting instructions refer to your instrument distributor or email us for a technical specification manual.

CNC Machining and Electrodes

  1. How much does machining work cost?
    We are happy to provide a competitive estimate for your project. Please contact us or send a drawing for a quotation.
  2. How long does it take to machine jobs?
    We operate in a flexible manufacturing environment. Small jobs can be completed within short time frames subject to existing production schedules. Large jobs may take longer depending on volume and machining requirements.