Semmler Engineering

Company Profile

Still Going Strong

Founded by Allan Semmler and in business since 1974, today Director Scott Smart heads a growing team of innovators and forward thinkers responding quickly to customers ever changing needs.

Customised Manufacturing Operations enables us to focus on what we do best… Precision Manufacturing and Semmler Gauge Saver distribution to our broad and strong client base. Located at Edinburgh North in South Australia, Semmler Technologies has a long-standing reputation for quality production of small-medium sized steel, stainless steel, brass, plastic and aluminium industrial components.

Company Policy

With more than 35 years of experience Semmler Technologies understands what customers expect. Our policies reflect an ongoing commitment to always produce a quality product and deliver a reliable service to customers.

  • Customer focus
    Fully understand and conform to customer specifications
    Meet all production commitments on time
    Provide the best value for our services
  • Performance
    Ensure services meet agreed requirements and standards
    Continuously improve our business, products, services and operations
    Provide a system of quality, and assurance to our clients and stakeholders
  • Quality
    Semmler Technologies always operates to a high quality standard.