Still Going Strong– Our Strengths

Scott and Ben Smart head a growing team of innovators and forward thinkers responding quickly to customers ever changing needs.

Customised Manufacturing Operations enables us to focus on what we do best… Precision Manufacturing and Semmler Gauge Saver distribution to our broad and strong client base. Located at Pooraka in South Australia, Semmler Technologies has a long-standing reputation for quality production of small-medium sized steel, stainless steel, brass, MDF, plastic and aluminium industrial components.

Gauge Savers

Semmler Gauge Savers are 100% Australian made. Our sealed snubber provides steady pulsation free flow to sensitive pressure recorders.

Automotive Manufacturing

We manufacture and machine small to medium size brass, copper, copper alloys, plastic, aluminium, steel and stainless steel components to exact specifications.

Resistance Welding Electrodes

Are your Electrodes and Spot Welding Tips Australian Made Class 2 RWMA Copper or are they imported from overseas?

Defence Manufacturing

Semmler Technologies machines all types of material for all types of projects.

High quality services offered for multiple industries

Presenting our best services of this year, top notch work with a quick turnaround.