Quality Policy

Our quality policy is “how” we deliver our Quality Objectives (outputs) To ensure First Time Quality we are committed to the following principles in all aspects of our organisation that affect the quality of our service and products.

1. Every job must be carried out to the specifications of the customer;
2. Daily activities will be monitored and improved in order to support safe and efficient practices;
3. We actively seek customer feedback;
4. Employees are expected to adhere to production and installation methods demonstrated to ensure consistency and delivery of quality outputs;
5. We monitor our suppliers to ensure they support our organisation appropriately;
6. We are committed to Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) improvement methodology;
7. An NCR will be raised for any issue that requires investigation and/or significant follow up;
8. We schedule Internal Audits and follow up audit outputs;
9. We meet external regulatory standards, as appropriate;
10. Every employee is responsible for following the QMS and contributing to improvements of processes in their area of work

We are committed to developing and continually improving our QMS in accordance with ISO9001.
This policy is set and approved by the Director and is evaluated via our management review meetings and internal audit schedule for continual fit for purpose.