First-Class Engineering Services

Semmler Technologies specialises in sub-contract machining of superior quality small to medium-sized components for clients in the mining, industrial, defence, automotive, agriculture and water purification industries.

We operate in a flexible just-in-time production environment where even the most challenging and demanding job can be made on short notice. With a strong focus on quality and customer service, Semmler Technologies is able to provide a first-class and competitive engineering service to our clients.

We offer:
  • Flexible manufacturing to suit various work order requirements
  • Sub-contract and one-off CNC machining centre jobs
  • Guaranteed production to high operating standards
  • No compromise on quality or inferior grade materials
  • Guaranteed attention to detail and exact specifications
  • A reliable network for external processes (plating, heat treating, powder coating)
  • A best value, best price policy


Supporting Australian Manufacturing

Gauge Savers

Semmler Gauge Savers are 100% Australian made. Our sealed snubber provides steady pulsation free flow to sensitive pressure recorders.

Automotive Manufacturing

We manufacture and machine small to medium size brass, copper, copper alloys, plastic, aluminium, steel and stainless steel components to exact specifications.

Resistance Welding Electrodes

Are your Electrodes and Spot Welding Tips Australian Made Class 2 RWMA Copper or are they imported from overseas?

Defence Manufacturing

Semmler Technologies machines all types of material for all types of projects.

The team you need when you want tolerances and durability that last longer.

So, contact us and enjoy manufacturing success from the industry leaders who make it happen.