Engineering Capabilities

At Semmler Technologies we help you succeed with tailored engineering and manufacturing services that you can rely on when quality counts.

Whether you’re local or overseas, we’re here to show you just how easy it can be—with tailored engineering and manufacturing services based in South Australia that bring great ideas to life.

The team you need when you want tolerances and durability that last longer.

Metal and Plastic fabrication.

We have the ability to take an idea and work with you to provide an outcome that is cost effective while maintaining quality. Our qualified plastic welders can weld all types of plastics from PVC to Polypropylene. Using our CNC router, we can manufacture anything in plastic, with a bed size of 2500x1300mm (40mm max thickness) we can machine any shapes or components then assemble them on site leaving you with a stress free no hassle finished product.

We have a metal fabrication workspace that allows us to bend and fold stainless and galvanised sheets up to 2.5mm, generally used to make flashings for roofing installs but not limited to. Using our years of experience in the manufacturing sector our fully qualified welder/fabricator can design, cut and MIG weld together a range of materials from stainless steel to mild steel. We have abilities to weld material from thicknesses of 2mm to 15mm. Our open workshop allows for large projects up to 3m to be welded on site.

Engineering and CNC Machining.

Design, develop, create. We can assist you on your journey, starting for the design and brainstorming stage. Using the most up to date technology our CAD software allows you to put an idea into reality, this is where all the minor details and visual imperfections are ironed out. Once everything is perfect, we move onto the prototyping, using only the best in Japanese machinery our Mazak fleet can machine to within tolerances that your eyes cannot see (0.01mm). Using our lathe centre, we can machine not only round profiles but mill any features along the 300mm bed length, allowing a one stop complete part. Slotting, flats, drilling and tapping are no match for these Mazaks, while keeping the concentricity of the part.

With bar feeding capabilities up to Ø40.00mm we can machine quantities from 1-100,000. We aren’t limited to that size though with our 3-jaw hydraulic chuck allowing us turning capacity up to Ø150.00mm.

Over at the machining centre parts up to 1020 x 510 x 460mm (x,y,z axis) can be machined with ease with a max spindle speed of 25,000rpm. No job is too difficult with the FJV250, precision machining down to .001mm the machine is fully compatible with our CAD software allowing you to see the machining process happen without even opening the door. With fully automated 4th axis capabilities the pride of our fleet can also turn a difficult part into a one stop component, allowing us to machine 4 planes and in the smallest of angular increments we can turn a difficult component into a complete product in a matter of minutes. Perfect for slitting or slicing for expanding and retracting products.

MachineBrandMax. Part SizeTolerance
Machining CentreMazak FJV2501020x510x460mm±0.01mm
Lathe CentreMazak SuperQuickTurn10MSBar Feed: Ø40x300mm / Billet: Ø150.00mm±0.05mm
LatheMazak QuickTurn10Bar Feed: Ø35x150mm / Billet: Ø50.00mm±0.02mm
CNC RouterMultiCamBed Size 2500x1300x40±0.5mm

The team you need when you want tolerances and durability that last longer.

So, contact us and enjoy manufacturing success from the industry leaders who make it happen.